3 Ways to End First Date Anxiety

If you’re a living, breathing human being, then any first date will probably make you a bit nervous and anxious no matter how confident you feel. Oftentimes a first date is also the very first meeting you have with another person and there’s a huge amount of pressure to make a good impression. Thankfully, there are a few ways to ease the anxiety of the first date, ensuring that your first date gets to meet the real you and increasing your chances of scoring the second date. Follow these first date tips to put your mind at ease and feel more calm and collected on your first dates.

Tip #1: Be Yourself

This is a common saying that’s commonly lumped in with other first date tips. It’s also a bit misunderstood. I believe that a more accurate saying is “Be comfortable with who you are.” The trick is to convince yourself, and to convince other people, that you’re perfect the way you are. Learn to accept your shortcomings, whether you’re going a bit bald, or you don’t have the best job, or you have a collection of packaged action figures. The key is to feel confident that you have something to offer, no matter what position you’re at in life.

Tip #2: Focus on the Conversation

The last thing you want on a first date is to appear very anxious and intimidated by your date. No woman will be impressed by a guy who constantly stumbles over his words or makes clumsy accidents; she may think it’s “cute,” but often not in a way that makes her want to have a second date. No matter what kind of woman you’re dating, she will always appreciate a smooth, confident conversationalist, and that’s one of the first date tips that applies to any first date. Take control of the conversation, ask her questions about herself, and stay cool even if things aren’t working as planned. Remember, you have nothing to lose – if a first date doesn’t work out, there can always be another one!

Tip #3: Plan for Your Date

Having dinner together is a common occurrence for a first date, but what happens after that? If you didn’t already agree to go along with your date on another shared activity after dinner, try to think of some other things you could do together beforehand. Coming up with a few ideas can mean the difference between a great night full of chemistry and awkwardly ending the night with a hug after dinner. Some common first date ideas include bowling, miniature golf, or having a few drinks at a relatively quiet, low-pressure bar or club where you can continue to talk and get to know each other. Going out to any place with pounding bass and people who are trying to hook up is a bad idea; you probably won’t be able to hear a word that your date says, and first dates are all about getting to know the other person. Impress her by taking her somewhere that shows you want to learn more about her.

Even if you have a rock-solid plan and you’re a perfect picture of confidence, first dates can be nerve-wracking, especially for guys. The first date is an important step in the courting process – you get to show your date your personality and style and she’ll be deciding whether she wants to see you again. Follow this first date advice to make it easier on yourself: go in with a plan, take control of the conversation, and be proud and confident of who you are.

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