Places and Ideas Great for Your First Date

You have finally got your girl to agree with you to go on a date. The very first date can really be the most memorable that is why you do your best to find the perfect way to celebrate it. However, the only problem is that you do not know where to go on a date.

The most common problem that men often face when going on a date is deciding where to go on and how to celebrate this memorable event. Thinking of the perfect place to celebrate your first date can really be confusing. So, here is a list on great places for you to celebrate your very first date

1. Lunchtime date

One of the most common misconceptions of men is that dates can only occur at dinner. A date can happen anytime and that even includes lunchtime.

This is a great idea, especially when your girl is your coworker or when lunchtime is only her vacant time. You can take her to her favorite snack bar, coffee shop or even the arcade. Remember a date does not require you to have a candle light dinner. The most important thing about a date is that you spend times together and knowing each other, which are the two important things in a fresh relationship.

2. Night bar date

On the other hand, if your girl loves to spend the night with you and loves to party, then a night bar is perfect for your date. You can have short drinks together and dance all night long. Of course, remember to keep her safe and avoide getting her too drunk Furthermore, it is always best to have a date on a night bar that is known by a lot of people and is popular. This can be an assurance that this night bar is safe.

3. An art gallery date

If your girl loves art and is fascinated by them, then a date in the art gallery is perfect for you. Never forget to bring a camera along with you to make this date more memorable.

It is also an advantage to do a little research about an art gallery you are about to visit. This can surely impress the girl when you discuss things about the art gallery. If allowed, you too can bring snacks and drinks while you go along the art gallery.

4. Comedy Club date

Does your partner love to laugh and loves a humorous person? Well, then a date in a comedy club surely matches those descriptions. You can order short drinks and bites while you laugh at both of your hearts away, while the standup comedian does his thing.

Of course, as the show goes along, never forget to check up on her every few minutes. Ask her if she is having a great time, and if she is enjoying the show.

5. A Restaurant Date

Of course, this may be the classic style of dating but it surely never gets old. Have a candle light dinner in a fancy restaurant with your girl. This is the perfect time for both of you to get to know each other even more.

6. Dinner at your house

Well, if your cooking skills are up to par and your partner wants to be more convenient, then a dinner at your house is a perfect choice for you. You can show off your cooking skills by preparing your own food and delicacies that will surely impress the girl.

The best part of this date is that you can be free to do whatever you want. You can even play games and watch a movie after you have done eating.

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