COLORFUL CREATIONS: Spring Gardens photographer Elaine Vizor’s exhibition explores photography as abstract art An unusual photography exhibition where the exhibits are more like abstract paintings has been praised by a photographer since his exhibition last month. With or Without a Camera is a two-part photography exhibition at the Greenfield Gallery,Read More →

Rishi Deka, UC San Diego postdoctoral researcher in radiation medicine and award-winning photojournalist, has set out to create what he calls “psychedelic abstract photography” in response to the coronavirus pandemic. It is a way, he says, of “internalizing the chaotic outside world in which we live”. Deka, who returned toRead More →

Jeff Johnson, who will be speaking at the August meeting of the Loveland Photographic Society, created a unique workshop: Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) with Cell Phone Cameras. Participants will visit a King Soopers grocery store and photograph in the floral and produce sections, hanging out with all the colors andRead More →