Master Urban Abstract Photography With These 8 Tips

Capture something you might not normally have noticed by making city or town summaries where shapes and colors will become your focus rather than tall buildings and busy streets.


To help you give an abstract side to your urban photography, here is 8 top tips what, how and where to take your photos when exploring a city.

1. Focus on what is interesting

When you find something that catches your eye, consider how you can compose the photo to take the subject away from its surroundings so that it becomes abstract rather than a great city photo with several interesting elements. The key to capturing an image that works is to create an image out of something ordinary that you wouldn’t normally see while still creating an engaging shot.

2. More than one point of interest

When you have a topic that has multiple points of interest, you have the opportunity to capture various elements, some that may not have seemed as obvious as working in an abstract way at first.

3. Create a ladder

Just because you’re capturing summaries doesn’t mean you always have to work up close. Think of it as cropping up unwanted elements rather than using your lens to zoom in. Use the surrounding elements to accentuate the size while framing the image so that the surroundings of the building are suppressed, emphasizing its shapes and patterns rather than its context.

4. Use color

Using a single vivid color in a shot consisting mostly of the same shades can give the viewer of the image a point of focus that can also be used to guide and direct the eye to other points in the image. shooting. This is even more true when the area is limited and contrasts so much with the rest of the image. Strong blocks of color can work well too, but you don’t want one dominating the other so the viewer isn’t paying attention to the rest of the frame.


5. Look for shadows

It’s not something our eyes tend to see, but when properly arranged in the frame, they can make a great subject on their own or enhance the shapes / patterns of an object you are focusing on. .

6. The lines are working well

If you want to use lines in your image, try to find a location that gives you a photo that has lines of varying size and color. Bolder lines can have more impact than small, weak lines and remember that they will always guide the eye through the shot and indicate to the viewer where to look. Also, don’t think that the lines have to be straight, as a curved line will always guide the viewer’s eye.

7. Shoot through other objects

If you find a rain-covered window or even a water feature that can be used to capture a distorted reflection thanks to the ripples in the water, use them to your advantage. Keep an eye out for colored glass, reflective buildings, and anything else that you think will give your city photos the abstract feel you are looking for.

8. People like patterns and symmetry

As humans, we love to see repeating patterns and symmetrical objects, so take advantage. Patterns can guide the eye through an image and make your abstract shot more interesting with the shapes they create.

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